"A fascinating and striking musical personality."  PRAVDA
"He had everyone dancing on the end of his baton."  KITCHENER-WATERLOO RECORD
"Conductor makes magic" FULDAER ZEITUNG
"...magical so were the gestures of Maestro Arman which sometimes seemed to pull sound out of the air, shape it, and make it disappear again, like a master conjurer."  BARRIE ADVANCE 

Current and upcoming virtual concerts
Livestreaming Saturday, March 20, 8 pm - online until April 19
The world's favourite Mozart plus a masterpiece by another genius he inspired
MOZART Serenade 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K 525  
TCHAIKOVSKY Sinfonia Opus 30a
To view Nurhan Arman's program commentary please click here 

Friday, April 9, 8 pm livestream - available online until May 8
A kaleidoscope of delights from four centuries
HAYDN Divertimento in E flat Major 
MOZART String Quartet No. 2 in D Major K 155
WEINER Divertimento op. 20 

Thursday, June 3, 8 pm - available online until July 2
Koerner Hall, 273 Bloor St. West
Dazzling displays for the entire orchestra by three brilliant composers
ANGELOVA  Polyphonic Miniatures world premiere
HAYDN String Quartet No. 35 orchestra version
VERDI Sinfonia for Strings

Friday, June 25, 8:00 pm livestream - available online until March 13
Koerner Hall, 273 Bloor St. West
Two deeply Romantic composers and a volcanic virtuoso 
RACHMANINOV Piano Concerto No. 2 chamber version
DVORAK The American Quartet op. 96a orchestra version 
Guest Artist Sponsor Dr. Edward Thompson

Past concerts from the 2020-21 season
Sunday, October 25, 2020 - livestreamed from the Koerner Hall
This virtual concert is no longer available
BEETHOVEN 'The Harp' Op. 74a
SHOSTAKOVICH Chamber Symphony Op. 110a 
To watch Nurhan Arman's commentary on this concert click here

Friday, November 6, 2020 - livestreamed from the Jane Mallett Theatre
This virtual concert is no longer available
Mozart's sparkling Salzburg symphonies and a Prokofiev masterpiece full of lively Russian folk tunes
MOZART  Three Salzburg Symphonies K 136, K 137, K 138
PROKOFIEV  Chamber Symphony op. 92a 'The Kabardinian'
To watch Nurhan Arman's program commentary on this concert click here
Venue Sponsor TO Live
Media Sponsor LUDWIG VAN

Livestreamed on December 5, 2020  from the Jane Mallett Theatre
This virtual concert is no longer available
Happy birthday, Herr Ludwig!
BEETHOVEN Six Ländlerische Dances
BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7 arr. Sigmund Anton Steiner (1773-1838) 
To watch Nurhan Arman's commentary on this concert click here
Venue Sponsor TO Live

Streaming until January 27
A bouquet of encore favourites performed over the years by Sinfonia Toronto. Amazing music by Brahms, Dvorak, Bartok and more. Enjoy mesmerizing waltzes and songs played with great verve and gusto 

Streaming until February 21
Never before released archival recordings
A perfect pair - Mozart was Tchaikovsky's favourite composer
MOZART 'The Hunt' K 458  
Virtual Concert sponsor Sinclair Consulting Services Inc.

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Margaret Chasins
tel 1-416-499-0403
3901 Don Mills Road, Suite 5
Toronto, Ontario M2H 2S7 Canada

For Europe:
Alexander Djinov, President
tel 469-682-1842
fax 972-208-1880

Nurhan Arman direct


Burge: Flanders Fields Reflections
Mendelssohn: Symphony for Strings no 7 in D minor
Khachaturian: Masquerade Suite
Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony in A flat major, Op. 118a


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